Supply of production

  • with steam
  • with hot water
  • with cooling water
  • with chill water
  • with compressed air
  • with chemicals
  • with raw materials (dry, liquid)

Tank farms / Silos

  • concept development / equipment development
    • process technology
    • measurement and control technology
    • explosion protection / fire protection
    • environment protection, water protection
  • selection tanks, pumps, fittings
  • selection silos, discharge aids, conveyor systems

Solid-liquid-separation /
Thermal process technology

  • selection of suitable apparatuses
  • process development
  • development of apparatuses
  • support on design trials
  • centrifuges, sieving machine, filters
  • evaporator, condenser
  • dryer, crystallizer

CIP-Stations (Cleaning In Place)

Cleaning of tanks and pipe system

  • design and new development
  • optimization of existing plants
  • checking the standard of hygiene
  • investigation of the pipe system
  • reduction of time periods for cleaning
  • increase in capacity

Sugar factories

energy saving / optimization of capacity

  • design of steam distribution system
  • mass- and energy balances extraction, juice purification, evaporator station, sugar house
  • design of heat exchangers and evaporators
  • optimization of steam consumer arrangement
  • measures for energy saving