Chemical industry

  • new tank farm for alcohols / carbon hydrides
  • new 2 process lines for fertilizer (centrifuges, dryers, filling)
  • new process line for salts (centrifuges, dryers, sieving machine)
  • new waste water treatment (sieve, flocculation, filterpress, evaporator)
  • preliminary engineering silo installation for building materials
  • preliminary engineering treatment plant for grease and oil

Sugar industry

  • new pulp press station
  • new station for filter presses (PKF)
  • reengeniering for thick juice campaign
  • extension evaporation station
  • new stone washing drum
  • extension sugar house
  • optimization evaporation station div. factories
  • studies for energy saving div. factories

Food industry

  • new CIP-station
  • new mixing plant
  • new big bag station
  • new hot-water-system
  • optimization cooling–water-system
  • optimization chill-water-system
  • optimization CIP-station
  • studies for energy saving

Pharmaceutical industry

  • new tank farm for acteone
  • new purification plant for pharmaceutical raw material
  • new ventilation plant for a new production building
  • new big bag station
  • new chemical storage and feeding
  • extension evaporator station
  • extension cooling-water-system, chill-water-system
  • extension steam distribution system